Collingham Church View Surgery

School Lane, Collingham, West Yorkshire LS22 5BQ

PPG Terms of Reference

Collingham Church View Surgery Patient Participation Group Terms of Reference


The Name of the group is the Collingham Church View Surgery. Patients Participation Group; hereafter referred to as the PPG.


To promote co-operation between Patients and Staff of the Collingham Church View Surgery to the benefit of both and to support the practice to provide a high quality of care and service delivery.


Through the committee the PPG will :

  1. Provide feedback on patients’ needs, concerns and interests and challenge the surgery constructively whenever necessary.
  1. Encourage and support the surgery with its various activities to help meet the health needs of the community.
  1. Contribute to Surgery decision-making and consult on service development and provision
  1. Give patients a voice in the organisation of their care.
  1. Liaise with the Leeds North Clinical Commissioning Group (LNCCG) to ensure we have a voice in the organisation and prioritisation of care provided.
  1. Liaise with other PPGs in the area.
  1. Support the surgery in seeking feedback from patients about their experience of local care services and use this to help providers make improvements
  1. Will not act as a forum for discussing any personal or health related individual complaints against the practice.
  1. The committee to be established shall consist of a minimum of four and a maximum of eight patients. In the event that more than eight patients wish to stand for election to the PPG Committee the decision will be made by conducting a ballot at the next public meeting.
  1. Any Patient wishing to become a committee member must make their intentions known to the Chairman and provide a brief at least 72  hours prior to the next public meeting
  2. The PPG committee will decide amongst themselves the appointment of Chair, Secretary and Liaison Officer.


The committee will meet as and when required but at least four times a year

The committee will appoint a Chair, Secretary and a Liaison Officer to the Leeds North Clinical Commissioning Group.

Quorum must consist of three members of the committee

The Committee will invite members of the Surgery Staff to attend meetings as appropriate. 


The PPG will hold a Public Meeting once a year

The meetings should be chaired by either the Chair of the Committee or another Office Bearer.

All members of the Surgery Staff are welcome to attend


The Chair will be responsible for chairing meetings and deciding meeting agendas.

The Secretary shall record the minutes and ensure the distribution of minutes, agendas and other relevant paperwork as appropriate.

The Liaison Officer will liaise with the Leeds North Clinical Commissioning Group to ensure we have a voice in any decision making and to provide a feed back to the PPG.


The PPG shall work in Partnership with the Collingham Church View Surgery but remain independent from it.