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Patient Participation Group

A Patient Participation Group (PPG) Committee representing all patients is now actively working with the Practice  and the  agreed Terms of Reference can be seen under the separate heading.

Examples of what a PPG does are given at the foot of this note.

Although the PPG is supported by the Practice’s medical and administrative staff, it should be emphasised that the Group is an independent body made up solely of patients.

The Committee meets every three months or so, but meets more often depending on how best to represent the practice’s patients.

The Committee is keen to hear from any patient interested in serving on the Committee or who has any ideas or concerns which fall within the PPG’s remit.

Please note however that the PPG cannot deal with personal medical concerns. These should be taken up directly with the Doctors or the Practice Manager.

The Committee has selected Office Bearers to help take it through its next stage of development, and these are:

  • Marjorie Wilson, Chair
  • Steven Wood, Secretary
  • Marjorie Wilson, NAPP Officer
  • CCG Liaison Officer t.b.a.

It should be noted that, through the CCG Liaison Officer we have a voice at the table of the Leeds North Clinical Commission Group (LNCCG). This organisation now commissions health services within Leeds and has an impact clinical targets and financing of the health service in our region. It is responsible for all the clinicians, the practices, medication costs and fees due to any hospital for patient care.

If you wish to:Join the “Virtual Group” at [email protected]  

  • Learn more about the PPG and its role
  • Make suggestions for improvements to the service the Practice provides
  • Raise any concerns or questions – about the Practice or the PPG

Please contact us by leaving a note at either Collingham or Thorner Surgery, addressed to “The PPG Chairman” or by emailing [email protected]. This is an excellent opportunity for patients to provide guidance and feedback on how the Practice is run, and to influence the services it provides in our community.  The Virtual Group is an email notification group.

Please do participate and help us make a difference.

Ian Robertson – Chair

What a PPG is and does

The main aims and areas of work may include things like:-

  • Organising themselves (running the group, and the group’s activities). As much as possible the group should function without the involvement of staff; however the support of the practice is vital
  • Helping to identify issues that practices can resolve, through-
  • Engaging with a representative section of the whole practice population.
  • Helping the practice deliver change
  • Helping to identify potential problems, through acting as an ‘early warning’
  • Working with the practice to help design local surveys, and promoting these
  • Offering a way for practice staff and patients the opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest
  • Helping patients takes responsibility for their own health; through
  • Health Promotion and education (raising awareness of conditions and help available)
  • Developing self-help activities (for example for condition specific support groups)
  • Supporting campaigns and self help
  • Acting as a representative group that can influence local provision, through
  • Highlighting wider issues
  • Participating in the wider PPG structure to allow experiences, views or concerns to reach decision makers.
  • Sharing good practice and ideas
  • Improving communication between practices, the wider patient population, the community and the commissioning process.
  • Involvement with LNCCG (see above)

What should PPGs not be

  • A talking shop
  • A place for individual complaints and “moans”
  • Focused on pet projects
  • Too time consuming
  • There just to raise funds (which we have decided not to do in any event).
  • There just as a social group


Leeds North CCG is working to improve dementia diagnosis and support for people with dementia and families after diagnosis, and would welcome feedback from patients in the Leeds area. Please click on the link below to access the survey and further background information.

Reports and Minutes (stored on a separate page)

PPG annual report 2014-15